The Asian secret to strong, lush hair

If you think the art of luxurious hair comes from the world's top fashion cities like Paris and Milan, you're incorrect. You might be surprised to discover the best methods for adding volume, thickness and shine come from Asian cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Why might this be? The Asian obsession with luxurious hair might be attributed to the average Asian hair strand being 5 times thicker than the average Western strand. With thicker hair, there is higher demand for products that provide fluid movement and manageability.

Beautiful hair without the salon expense

One system of hair products that is renowned in Asia and is being touted by American celebrities is OOKISA. This line of products blends proven ingredients into special, highly effective formulas. Key Asian botanicals create hair like you've never experienced before. Here is a sample of the key natural ingredients:

  • Kaou (White Peony Tea) - soothes and conditions the scalp.
  • Yuzu (Japanese Citrus Extract) - promotes lasting shine and radiance.
  • Tsubaki (Camellia Oil) - legendary for advanced moisturizing and fortifying with increased length and volume.
  • Niiro Cha (Rooibos Red Tea) - Middle Asian tea leaf stimulates circulation to scalp and hair follicles for enhanced brilliance.
  • Yuri (Water Lily) - centuries-old Asian remedy calms and soothes the scalp, especially with irritation due to hair styling products.
For a limited time, you can get a risk-free trial of a one-month's supply of OOKISA.

Unique 3-dimensional approach

The OOKISA Hair Renewal Collection offers a unique 3-dimensional approach to enhancing and protecting hair:

1) Fortifying shampoo powerfully cleans away clogging residue from hair styling products and nourishes each hair strand, follicle and cuticle so that thick hair can emerge.
2) Replenishing conditioner helps repair dried, frayed and thinning hair by restoring hair strand flexibility, elasticity and essential protein content.
3) Nighttime Follicle Renewing Serum is a specialized serum that you put on your hair and leave in overnight. While you sleep, key nutrients help anchor hair to the scalp to prevent thinning and splitting, while revitalizing hair's youthful body and bounce.

Research confirms dramatic results

Through a series of clinical studies, the ingredients of OOKISA have been shown to have remarkable results on hair strength, resistance and follicle life. Results show the system:

  • Increases hair strength by 142 percent
  • Fortifies hair resistance by 59 percent
  • Reduces dead follicles by 35 percent
The creators of OOKISA are so confident you'll love the results of their 3-part system, they are offering a risk-free trial of a one month supply. You can try the system and see the difference it makes for your own hair's strength, shine and volume.

Sign up today for a risk-free trial and enjoy the best products available in the hair care industry at no risk. You'll be bound to get compliments on your new, luxurious mane.

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