New development builds ripped muscles legally

Researchers in New Jersey have developed an effective, healthy and legal alternative to steroids. The weekly parade of amateur and professional athletes being exposed for using steroids may be a thing of the past.

Steroids are not safe

Many athletes and fitness fanatics have been willing to live with the legal, professional, and health risks of illegal steroids. But studies and research indicate anabolic steroids merely inflate muscles (hence the term "juiced") without permanent beneficial results. There are also unpleasant and harmful side effects of steroid use ranging from diabetes, rage, aggression and uncontrollable mood-swings, to significant changes in physiology not natural to the user's gender.

How is real muscle built?

Healthy muscle tissue is the product of a well-coordinated simultaneous series of activities and processes in the body system. Effective exercise that stresses muscles and ligaments causes them to suffer tiny micro-tears, creating the soreness from exercise. These micro-tears are repaired by stem cells migrating from bone marrow thereby building new muscle tissue. It is important to note that this is additional muscle tissue, not the temporary enlarged effect that anabolic steroids create.

While the muscle repair process is ongoing, the greatest degree of stem cell activity takes place during REM sleep, which is the body's normal regeneration time. So sleep is also a vital part of building muscle.

A healthier approach

To develop a healthier approach to "being ripped," a creative team, led by Dr. Robert Shorr, recognized that accelerating the stem cell activity and sleep were equally important parts of fitness. They also formulated compounds to address the aggregate interaction and synergy of all-natural proteins, enzymes and amino acids, including a stem cell agonist, a trace mineral called indium and components to support natural, non habit-forming sleep processes  

The core muscle building component, "eggplant extract," is a natural dietary adult stem cell agonist. The eggplant extract quickly goes to work recruiting the sleeping adult stem cells in bone marrow and starts repairing the micro-tears and building new muscle. It is that combination of elements and interactions that works like magic, for the ultimate easy and safe results we each want, need and deserve.  

Real-life results

Corey and Paul Simpson of Tampa, Fla., both professional athletes and trainers, currently working with professional football and baseball players and boxers, were recruited to participate in and monitor the initial Stemulite life trials. They worked with and monitored more than 20 athletes over a 1-month period, changing nothing in their routine, but adding Stemulite to their daily diet. As the results came back, it was clear that the addition of Stemulite to their regimens produced consistent and congruent results, including:

  • Dramatic increase in strength and improved endurance
  • Reduced recovery time to hours not days
  • More repetitions and improved muscle definition
  • A decrease in body mass index (BMI) and greater muscle tone
  • Higher sustained energy and more consistent energy throughout the day
  • Improved rest and sleep -- the most common benefit

"Stemulite is the most powerful supplement I have ever put into my body, period," says Corey Simpson, a former Mr. Florida and now active fitness professional. "In the first couple of weeks of using Stemulite, I significantly increased the weight I was lifting. I also added to the amount of repetitions in my workout. It was a little hard to believe."

Michael George, one of Hollywood's most sought-after trainers and fitness experts, has also discovered the remarkable and measurable benefits of the Stemulite Fitness Formula. George, who is an author of several bestselling books, recommends Stemulite Fitness Formula to all his clients who are looking for better sleep, greater strength and endurance, and faster recovery time.

Want to learn more about Stemulite and how it can work for you? Visit to learn how you can receive your free day/night set of Stemulite Fitness Formula. You must have a valid e-mail to receive this offer.

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