Have you looked everywhere for college funding?

Financial aid offers can make or break a student's decision of what college to attend. In fact, 43 percent of students reported that financial aid offers were "very important" or "essential" in choosing which school to attend, according to "The American Freshman: National Norms 2008" survey by UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute.

The cost of education means it's not easy trying to be a college student these days; schools are raising tuition rates by double-digit percentages each year and at least 32 states have reduced education funding, resulting in fewer state-sponsored education grants for students attending college in their home state.

Unfortunately for students, it could mean the difference between going to school and getting closer to that hard-earned degree, or having to take another semester off to work in order to save for the tuition needed to pay for school.

As the economy remains uncertain, sources of funding for students and potential students are offering less money or no money at all. However, the Department of Education's Federal Student Aid organization provides more than $100 billion in new aid to nearly 14 million postsecondary students and their families every year, and this money is still available. In fact, according to the UCLA study, nearly 70 percent of students expect to get assistance in the form of financial aid that does not need to be repaid, either through scholarships, certain military benefits, federal grants, or work-study programs.

If you're a student who has run out of places to look for financial help, there is another place to turn. offers information that will point you in the right direction to help secure the loans, grants, scholarships or financial aid you need to pay your education bills.

If you're in the camp of people who want to go to college and have an understanding of how you will fund your tuition, but aren't sure what you want to study once you get there, you aren't alone. More than 70 percent of students change their majors once they get in college and about 8 percent are undecided when they start college, according to the study by the Higher Education Research Institute.

With, you can get matched with the schools and programs that best fit your educational goals and interests. partners with leading campus and online degree programs, ensuring you will get relevant, timely information.

Through the matching tool, you can:

  • Request free information from schools
  • Uncover the availability of financial aid at each institution
  • Identify online and campus degree programs that suit your lifestyle and career goals

When the going gets tough, don't drop your education program or put your dreams on hold. can help you find the answers you're looking for to your financial aid questions.

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