How to uncover your kids' Facebook secrets

Being a parent can be a daunting task, but as your kids get older, the challenges both you and they face grow exponentially. Social networking has changed the way parents have to parent, due to the fact that tweens and teens spend so much time on Facebook and other social networking sites nowadays.

Even when they're not near a computer, kids are often interacting with other people online, since social networking sites can be accessed easily on mobile devices. As a parent, you may be wondering who your kids are "friends" with on these sites and what they are saying?

Most parents think their kids are good kids and trust they'll use Facebook responsibly. But in today's social networking world, an inadvertent act online or friends' influence can really get a child into big trouble.

Common misconceptions about Facebook

Some people think that Facebook monitors for content, but the fact is, they don't. If you think that if you "Friend" your children on Facebook, you'll know everything that's going on in their lives, you'll soon learn that's not the case at all. It's hard to stay on top of kids' Facebook activities as they spend a couple of hours a day sharing about their lives, commenting on their friends' walls and adding photos. Plus, even if you are friends with your child, you won't know everything you want to about their activities on the site. What you need is expert help to find out what's going on.

SocialShield sees it all and more and then notifies you right away when something goes wrong. Visit to see how it can help your family stay safe and sound on the social Web.

How does it work?

With SocialShield, you'll learn more than you would from "Friending" your kids because the service analyzes hundreds of millions of records each day across the Internet for information by or about your kids. SocialShield looks through all of the activity on all major networks and presents it in one, easy-to-understand report that is updated constantly.

  • SocialShield Score: The SocialShield Score represents the number of activities found that could affect your kids' safety or damage their online reputations. The more alerts that are sent for your child, the lower the Score will be.
  • Alerts: SocialShield is like an alarm service that notifies you right away when something goes wrong. It scours the major social networks and alerts you of discussions in which your kid participates that have inappropriate language or talk about drugs, sex, violence, alcohol, violence and suicide, or signs of cyberbullying.
  • Friends: SocialShield does background checks on all of your child's Facebook friends to make sure they are not adults masquerading as children, adults with no business friending your kid or sex offenders. Kids have an average of 210 "Friends" on Facebook so it's important to know if they're Friending the right people.
  • Photos and videos: SocialShield finds all of the photos and videos that your kids have posted as well as all those that include them but have been posted by others across all the major social networks. This is so important when it comes to helping your kids manage their online reputation to prepare for their future college admissions and job applications, or deal with cyberbullying.
  • Mobile: SocialShield combines mobile and social network data to analyze who your kids are talking to over calls and text. The service will alert you if it finds any strangers communicating with your kids.

You protect your PC with anti-virus software. Why not protect your child with SocialShield? One creep or inappropriate photo could change your child's life forever. Get a preview report for your child today.

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