The secret to getting discounted auto warranty

What happens if your transmission breaks down? Or something is wrong with your engine? With the increased cost of gas and maintenance, automobiles are already expensive to operate, let alone fix if something major fails. If your factory warranty is up, get ready to dip into savings, or worse, take out another credit card.

With the current economy, we are always looking for ways to cut costs. One of the best ways to do this is with a good automotive warranty. A vehicle service warranty gives you peace of mind because you know you will never have a major automobile expense in the future. You might think that purchasing a warranty is too expensive. However, with the right resource, you can obtain a comprehensive warranty at a very reasonable price.

Auto Repair Warranty, Inc. is a family-owned full service vehicle warranty company that covers any vehicle under 100,000 miles and some makes or models that have even more miles. They often cover high-end vehicles that other companies won't such as BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Hummer, etc.

How do they offer their warranties for so much less than their competitors? The answer is because they are a warranty company. They are not a broker or dealer. They do not add a profit to the cost of the warranty and they choose to sell warranties at a fair, correct and competitive price.

Auto Repair Warranty is not one of the companies that solicit by telephone and mass mailings. Their business is generated strictly via the Internet and by "word of mouth" referrals from satisfied customers. Money is not spent on telemarketers or mass mailings, and those savings are reflected in their lower prices.

"With over 100 combined years experience in the vehicle repair business, we know the cost of repairs and constantly review repair frequency and costs for all older and newer vehicles to establish our risk exposure. We then calculate our warranty price based on this data. This allows us to offer the same or more warranty coverage than most other companies at a lower cost for our clients," says Michael Petruziello at Auto Repair Warranty, Inc.

Their popular bumper to bumper warranty covers the engine, transmission, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, air conditioning, heating, electrical, sensors, steering, front suspension, labor and much more. If there is something that the warranty does not cover such as tires, tune-ups and any maintenance item that may be needed, the company offers free service consulting so you know you are paying what you should and not getting ripped off by inflated auto repair prices. Auto Repair Warranty customers always have the opportunity to view their actual contract before buying the auto warranty.  

In addition, Auto Repair Warranty, Inc. offers 24/7 roadside assistance for their clients.  Towing, emergency tire problems, gasoline, lockout service and emergency transportation up to 50 miles are all covered.

When you purchase a warranty with Auto Repair Warranty, Inc., all contracts stay in-house. When you have a claim, it is paid directly to the repair facility by a corporate credit card immediately upon completion of the work. You are not required to pay for the repair and then wait for an administrator or insurance company to mail you a refund check.

Auto Repair Warranty, Inc. is "A+" rated, safe by the Better Business Bureau, D&B Listed and is highly rated by several other quality assurance organizations as well, so you know you're insured by a trusted and reliable company.

You can get a free quote by visiting or by calling the number provided on the Web site. A customer service specialist will work directly with you to select the warranty plan and cost that your vehicle is qualified for.

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